Thanks to Recent FDA Approval of New Cannabis-Related Medical Treatments, There’s Never Been a Better Time to Grow Organic Marijuana!

Thanks to Recent FDA Approval of New Cannabis-Related Medical Treatments, There’s Never Been a Better Time to Grow Organic Marijuana!

The cannabis industry is abuzz about the recent Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of one cannabis-derived treatment product and three cannabis-related drug products. These cannabinoid-based medicines are still only available with a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider, but this is a huge step in the right direction for cannabis growers, marijuana dispensaries and medical marijuana patients.

In June the FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD oil, for the treatment of certain seizures. The agency also approved Marinol and Syndros, which includes a synthetic THC, for designated therapeutic uses in the United States. Another FDA-approved drug, Cesamet, contains an active ingredient synthetically derived from THC.

Although the cannabis industry still has yet to have any regulations regarding safe growing practices, it is only a matter of time. The FDA traditionally defers to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for any regulations regarding the growing of crops, and the USDA is usually the agency certifying organically grown crops. Legally, marijuana cannot be called organic – no matter how environmentally-friendly the cultivation practices used to grow it – because the term is federally regulated and the USDA does not recognize cannabis as a legitimate agricultural crop.

Many individual states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, recreational use or both are beginning to initiate their own individual standards. There are also a variety of industry-driven organizations self-monitoring cannabis growing processes and procedures and developing organic cannabis certification requirements.

One of the biggest benefits to growing indoor organic cannabis is that you have complete control over your environment and the quality of your product. By growing cannabis in a quality-controlled environment, you have power over the elements, unlike growing cannabis outdoors. You determine the best non-genetically modified seeds, type of soil free of toxins, heavy metals and salts, and the means of keeping pests at bay naturally.

Growing organically indoors helps keep crop harming contaminants out of the growing space which is extremely important if growing medical marijuana. Organic medical marijuana is almost always required for use in seriously ill patients who need a safe product free of harmful pests, bacteria and molds which can make them even sicker.

There are plenty of other great reasons to start growing organic cannabis now:

  • You’ll see a much bigger cannabis yield
  • Increased THC potency – this is extremely important for the medical marijuana market because of its use in oils and edibles utilizing the plant’s most concentrated form 
  • Improved flavor and aroma
  • Less impact on the environment
  • And if you’ve ever shopped for organic produce in the grocery store, you’ve surely noticed it garners a higher price!

GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ grow room coverings help produce a quality-controlled environment for growing indoor cannabis. The Grow line creates an air-tight, sterile, lab-like seal so you grow greener and cultivate a cleaner cannabis plant and a better organic harvest. Specially-engineered in the USA of durable, premium, waterproof polyvinyl, GrowFloor® grow room flooring and GrowWall™ grow room wall coverings resist crop damaging microbes, bacteria, mold, mildew, dirt, debris, and pesky pests.

In addition to aiding organic growing, the Grow line also helps you save more of your green. GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ provide insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs. Both come in Absolute White with a ceramic texture and a high-gloss top coat to repel harmful UV-rays and better disperse the entire light spectrum evenly over your growing space. In fact, when compared with other grow room coverings such as Mylar film and paint, GrowWall’s groundbreaking hyper-reflective topcoat improved lighting efficiency over 400%. GrowFloor® and

GrowWall™  are incredibly easy and inexpensive to install and maintain, too. The Grow line is repositionable, reusable and recyclable, and will last far longer than other grow room coverings without needing replacement.

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