Growing Cannabis Indoors: Better Quality Control and a Far Superior Bud

Growing Cannabis Indoors: Better Quality Control and a Far Superior Bud

The argument between indoor growing vs. outdoor growing within the cannabis industry is an ongoing debate. Recently, we’re beginning to see a standout winner. With new strains and the emergence of new growing methods, the consensus is that indoor growing produces the best cannabis.

There are many benefits to indoor cannabis growing including the freedom to pick your location and control your indoor grow room environment. With indoor gardening there is no worry about environmental factors – too much or too little rain, drought, wind, hail, frost and humidity. Unlike growing indoors, outdoor growers usually have one season with one harvest and then they are done for the year depending on climate. With advance lighting techniques on the market today to mimic natural sunlight, indoor cannabis growers have the ability to control their light cycles, too.

In a quality controlled indoor growing environment, cannabis thrives and cannabis growers reap big rewards:

  • Temperature, humidity and CO2 stability
  • Expedited growing
  • Perpetual harvests
  • Year round crops
  • Fewer pests
  • Pristine flowers… better looking plants… improved aroma
  • Consistent high-grade buds (medicinal quality)
  • Higher THC levels
  • Premium prices

Create the ultimate quality controlled cannabis growroom by combining GrowFloor® + GrowWall™ greenhouse flooring and grow room wall covering. Specifically-designed to imitate an air-tight, sterile, lab-like environment, GrowFloor and GrowWall are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and are resistant to water, mold and mildew.

GrowFloor and GrowWall cannabis grow room coverings also help repel harmful UV rays, cut down on glare and hot spots, and reflect light evenly throughout your indoor gardening space. When compared to other greenhouse coverings, the Grow line increased lighting efficiency by 400%, while insulating and reducing cooling costs.

Manufactured in the USA, GrowFloor and GrowWall are constructed of thick, durable polyvinyl with a white, ceramic textured, high-gloss topcoat making detecting bugs, debris and other harmful contaminants easy. When it comes time to clean, these Grow coverings only take a broom, soap and/or water.

With eco-friendly qualities – repositionable, reusable, recyclable – GrowFloor teamed with GrowWall helps you grow a cleaner, greener, more superior cannabis crop without spending more green!

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