The Why and How of Growing Cannabis Organically Indoors

The Why and How of Growing Cannabis Organically Indoors

Broadly defined organic growing is a method of production using the by-products of recently living organisms and does not include the use of chemically-formulated fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. Without federal regulation, organic cannabis has a lot of leeway today. But savvy marijuana connoisseurs and those using weed for medicinal purposes know the difference between non-organic and organic cannabis.

Here’s why you want to grow indoor cannabis organically:

  • Improved yield
  • Increased potency – this is extremely important for the medical marijuana market because of its use in oils and edibles utilizing the plant’s most concentrated form 
  • Improved flavor and aroma – the reduction of bad smells associated with indoor growing are extremely beneficial if growing cannabis at home
  • Better health benefits due to no toxins, heavy metals, salt, etc.
  • Less environmental impact

With these great reasons to grow green cannabis, how do you get started? Here are some tips from the experts to grow a true organic cannabis crop using indoor gardening methods:

  1. Start with non-GMO seeds.
  2. Employ an all-natural soil medium – “Super soils” are available for purchase or you can use your own compost for indoor cannabis growing derived from decomposed leaves, tree trimmings, straw, etc.
  3. Don’t use tap water – Municipal supplies use fluoride and other chemicals to purify for consumer use and these kill the “good” bacteria you need to thrive in your soil.
  4. Use organic supplements like compost teas – In addition to the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium cannabis needs to flourish, secondary nutrients such as calcium, manganese and magnesium are quite beneficial.
  5. Control pests without using any man-made pesticides.
  6. Setup a safe, effective artificial light source.

The grow room flooring and growroom wall coverings you choose will also help you grow more green.

Groundbreaking GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ greenhouse products assist indoor cannabis growers cultivate a clean harvest. Specially-engineered in the USA of premium polyvinyl, the Grow line creates an air-tight, sterile, lab-like environment sealing off crop damaging contaminants, debris and pests. GrowFloor and GrowWall are also waterproof to resist harmful mold and mildew. Constructed in white ceramic with a high-gloss top coat, these Grow products make spotting bugs and debris easy.


GrowFloor and GrowWall actually aid your lighting source by repelling UV rays and glare, and by preventing hot spots. They support the entire light spectrum, increasing lighting efficiency 400% over other grow room coverings by evenly reflecting your light sources throughout the growroom space.

With insulating qualities that reduce heat and improve cooling throughout your grow room, you actually cut down on lighting and cooling costs. And GrowFloor and GrowWall are eco-friendly - repositionable, reusable and recyclable – and they are so durable and easy to use, you’ll save on installation, maintenance and replacement costs for years.

Grow Greener while Saving More Green. Grow organic indoor cannabis with GrowFloor + GrowWall!
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