Cannabis Grow Room Flooring Coverings: GrowFloor® Vinyl Flooring vs. Epoxy Paint

Cannabis Grow Room Flooring Coverings: GrowFloor® Vinyl Flooring vs. Epoxy Paint

Let us start off by prefacing that we are a vinyl flooring company that produces and sells GrowFloor® vinyl greenhouse and grow room flooring coverings. With that being said, we wanted to help educate you on the two most popular flooring options for grow facilities so you can make the best decision for your cannabis grow room or marijuana greenhouse.

First off, the term epoxy paint is often used synonymously with epoxy coatings, but they are not the same. There is a big difference between epoxy paint and epoxy coating. Typically, epoxy paint is an acrylic latex product with a bit of epoxy mixed in. Epoxy floor coatings consist of two components – epoxy resin and polyamine hardener – and take more time and effort to apply, and then may take weeks to cure properly. For the purposes of this article, we are referring to epoxy paint.

We manufacture GrowFloor in the USA of premium, 100% polyvinyl. Our solid vinyl greenhouse flooring and epoxy paint do have a few things in common. Both are:

  • An affordable grow room flooring option
  • Easy to clean and maintain – clean up with a broom, soap and/or just water
  • Available in white – to make spotting bugs and cannabis harming contaminants easier

Now… here are where the important differences between epoxy paint and vinyl GrowFloor come in, especially when growing cannabis indoors and growing organic.

Cons of Epoxy Paint

  • Preparing the substrate is important and can take time and be labor intensive.
  • If subfloor is not prepped properly, moisture is sealed underneath paint causing all sorts of issues including crop harming mold and mildew.
  • Usually takes more than one coat for coverage requiring lengthy dry time and business disruption.
  • Epoxy paint is a quick fix from a financial and labor perspective, but it has a short life span.
  • Flooring imperfections will quickly show through.
  • Paint wears off quickly, chips, cracks, etc.
  • Does not handle high traffic or heavy equipment well.
  • Epoxy paint is an entire floor permanent coating.
  • Paint is not eco-friendly and tough to recycle.
  • For growing cannabis indoors organically, epoxy paint offers few benefits to enhance marijuana plant growth.

Pros of GrowFloor Vinyl Floor Coverings

  • GrowFloor is an extremely durable, high-performing grow room flooring covering.
  • Manufactured in Absolute White in ceramic texture with a revolutionary top coat, GrowFloor creates a sterile, lab-like, hygienic flooring environment for organic cannabis cultivation.
  • It repels UV-rays and reduces hot spots and glare.
  • GrowFloor is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.
  • Our greenhouse flooring is water-, mold- and mildew- resistant.
  • GrowFloor vinyl flooring rolls come in three easy to install sizes with little subfloor prep involved. Simply roll out vinyl flooring and trim to fit.
  • Use as mats, pathway coverings or complete wall-to-wall greenhouse covering.
  • GrowFloor hides flooring imperfections without tearing, cracking, peeling or curling.
  • Withstands years of heavy use and extensive wear and tear, even from heavy greenhouse equipment.
  • GrowFloor is repositionable, reusable and recyclable.

GrowFloor is the clear leader in grow room flooring. Pick GrowFloor as your cannabis grow room flooring covering!

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