About GrowFloor.com

Welcome to GrowFloor.com (company name G-Products, LLC), the cannabis industry’s #1 ecommerce site devoted solely to the GrowFloor® product line of grow room/greenhouse floor and wall coverings. GrowFloor and GrowWall™ are proud additions to the G-Floor® Universal Flooring family of premium polyvinyl products. The roots of GrowFloor date back more than 20 years with the invention of a specially-engineered vinyl garage floor mat protector called G-Floor. Since 1998 G-Floor has expanded to offer a wide selection of products, sizes, textures and colors to cover the floors of virtually any commercial or residential space. In 2017 G-Floor added the groundbreaking GrowFloor line to its growing extended family.

GrowFloor and GrowWall provide cannabis growers next generation growing results. Made in the USA of industrial-grade 100% polyvinyl, the Grow line is constructed with a high-gloss, white, ceramic top-coat that enhances growing for a more superior crop and overall harvest. GrowFloor and GrowWall create the ultimate, sterile, lab-like growroom that resists harmful contaminants while at the same time increasing lighting efficiency 400% over traditional grow room/greenhouse coverings.

At GrowFloor.com shop with confidence knowing your information is safe and secure. Because we concentrate on providing only GrowFloor products, you’ll find the most trusted product information, answers and advice on how to get the most out of your GrowFloor and GrowWall coverings and accessories. With expert product and industry knowledge, dependable shipping and tracking, and a flexible return policy, you can rely on GrowFloor.com to cover all your cannabis flooring and grow room wall needs.