What Does FloorScore® Certified Vinyl Grow Room Flooring Mean?

What Does FloorScore® Certified Vinyl Grow Room Flooring Mean?

In addition to helping you grow the best cannabis crop and grow organic, GrowFloor® aims to provide the safest greenhouse flooring and vinyl grow room floor covering for you and our environment. Here are just a couple ways GrowFloor gardening floor has you and Mother Earth covered.

Are GrowFloor® rollout vinyl greenhouse mats FloorScore® Certified?

We proudly state that GrowFloor® flooring has undergone a voluntary, independent certification program that designates it as FloorScore® Certified flooring.

The FloorScore® program tests and certifies hard surface flooring and the materials they are made with to ensure they are in compliance with stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) emissions. Floor Score certification was actually developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) and the flooring industry’s manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, additives and adhesives, to comply with strict volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission standards enforced by the state of California.

For vinyl flooring products to get the FloorScore® approval, they must undergo stringent testing to prove they will promote healthy air quality once installed in your home, business, greenhouse, grow room, etc. Vinyl sheet flooring rolls that meet FloorScore® standards are acceptable flooring for educational facilities and meet rigid requirements for healthcare flooring.

Why is IAQ so important?

Experts estimate that we spend 90% of our time indoors. If we surround ourselves with poor indoor air quality (IAQ), that can have a significant impact on our overall health. Poor IAQ has been linked to dizziness, headaches and a variety of long term health problems.

Any product that passes the FloorScore® test means it helps provide a cleaner, healthier environment.

As a cannabis producer, how do I benefit from FloorScore® Certified flooring for grow rooms?

If you spend long hours in your grow room, you will want the safest, healthiest greenhouse flooring available. And imagine that if you personally benefit from a gardening floor that promotes healthy air, your marijuana plants will reap the rewards from that same clean, healthy air that surrounds them as well.

In addition to its FloorScore® designation, GrowFloor® was already purposefully-designed to promote improved air quality for growing cannabis organically and for growing indoors. GrowFloor® creates an airtight, sterile, lab-like growing environment that resists harmful mold, mildew, microbes, bacteria, pests and harmful contaminants and debris. It aids in cultivating an organic cannabis crop that is far superior in overall quantity and quality. This is extremely important if you are growing medical marijuana or producing hemp for CBD products.

What else does GrowFloor® do to improve my greenhouse and our planet?

Specially-engineered in the American Heartland by Better Life Technology (BLT), GrowFloor® is constructed of premium, waterproof 100% polyvinyl for long-lasting performance. GrowFloor® won’t deteriorate from cracking, tearing, peeling, curling or from excessive use or heavy greenhouse equipment. You won’t need to replace GrowFloor as quickly as other floor coverings because it is the most durable gardening floor on the market. GrowFloor® sheet vinyl flooring rolls also feature these other eco-friendly attributes:

  • GrowFloor® is completely repositionable, reusable and recyclable saving you money and making it a sustainable vinyl product.
  • The entire Grow line improves light reflectivity throughout your growing space. GrowWall™ grow room wall covering provides an ultra-reflective, high-gloss top coat that distributes light more evenly, reduces glare and hot spots, and has been shown to increase efficiency as much as 400% over other greenhouse coverings. The Grow line also resists damaging UV rays.
  • Additionally, GrowFloor® and GrowWall have insulating qualities that decrease cooling costs and save you even more on energy bills.
  • The Grow line is DIY friendly installation; simply roll out and trim to fit.
  • GrowFloor® and GrowWall™ clean up easily with a hose and/or soap and water. No harsh, chemicals needed.
  • Manufactured using as little carbon footprint as possible, BLT’s central location in Kansas also reduces fuel and costs for transporting and shipping GrowFloor® and GrowWall™.

Not all vinyl flooring is guaranteed to contribute to healthy air in your home, business or greenhouse/grow room. It’s important that you look for the FloorScore® label when shopping for and choosing the best flooring for growing cannabis organically indoors!

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