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Three FAQ's About GrowFloor®

Plants are temperamental and require just the right amount of care, light, water, temperature, etc. GrowWall® and GrowFloor® create the ideal indoor environment for plants to flourish.  Whether you’ve got a large space to cover, or a small makeshift room for your leafy greens to reside, it’s time to transform your grow-room.  Here are three Frequently Asked Questions to help you out!

1. What is GrowFloor® and GrowWall®?

GrowFloor and GrowWall were designed with the intent to mimic natural sunlight from the outdoors and reflect the light for plants to grow indoors. Manufactured in the USA, both products are made of the highest quality, sold polyvinyl, that with a ceramic texture, each consists of an innovative topcoat that is hyper-reflective, and high gloss. Both products are repositionable and reusable. As for soil, fertilizer, dirt, and sneaky bugs…Cleaning GrowFloor is easy with just soap and water.  When combined, both create the ideal “lab-like”, sterile, environment that is air-tight.

2. Does this product trap moisture?

Plants need water so it’s something to consider when designing a grow-room. When installing G-Floor® Growfloor, make sure the subfloor has no cracks or places where water can come through and get trapped underneath. If there is water coming up through the subfloor it will get trapped underneath the mat; however, the mat itself does not hold onto moisture.  It is best to install the mat when the concrete subfloor is clean, free of any oils or liquids, flat, and completely dry.

3. Can you use GrowFloor for small plants around the house?

YES! GrowFloor can be placed under the basil sitting in your own kitchen! The unique topcoat reflects light to help plants grow no matter where they are or what season it is. GrowFloor mats are easy to trim with a household utility knife to fit any size needed.


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