Thank You to Farmers Big and Small from GrowFloor® and GrowWall®

Thank You to Farmers Big and Small from GrowFloor® and GrowWall®

October 12th is National Farmer’s Day and we’re sowing praise for indoor gardening, organic growing, hemp cultivating and local agricultural farming of all kinds and methods – hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic and the traditional Old Farmer’s way!

Although the origins are unclear, the holiday (originally called Old Farmer’s Day) dates back at least to the 1800s. Before a seed is even planted, farmers supply a stream of manufacturing, marketing, tourism and jobs to local communities. According to the American Farm Bureau Foundation, family farms and ranches produce almost 90% of sold agricultural products. National Farmer’s Day on October 12, 2020 offers much deserved homage to the hard-working farmers across the nation towards the end of the harvest season as they help put food on our table and clothes on our back.

Join us in thanking them:

1. Shop Small and buy direct by attending a local Farmer’s Market.

2. Attend a pumpkin patch or Fall Festival. 

3. Research new types of farming methods and how to grow organic crops. (GrowFloor® gardening floor and GrowWall® greenhouse coverings can help you become a better farmer! And you’ll be supporting a small, American business when you use our innovative, anti-microbial, environmentally-friendly horticultural tools to improve crops and increase yield.)

4. Use social media hashtags to thank farmers - #NationalFarmersDay2020, #ThankAFarmer, #Farmers 

Did you know? More than 20% of all farmers today are considered beginners with less than 10 years farming experience. You can produce anything you want with a little digging, a bit of watering and GrowFloor® + GrowWall®!!

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