New Technologies Enhance Cannabis Production in Large Grow Facilities

New Technologies Enhance Cannabis Production in Large Grow Facilities

Two emerging products are making news in the cannabis cultivation industry. An innovative greenhouse flooring and an advanced greenhouse design are producing some big rewards for industrialized cannabis and large greenhouse growers. Let’s take a look at both in more detail.

High-Tech Hybrid Greenhouse
The latest in greenhouse design includes a hybrid version of the traditional greenhouse. What is a hybrid greenhouse?

Hybrid design takes the best characteristics of outdoor growing, indoor cultivation and greenhouse cannabis growing and combines them into a uniquely-engineered grow building. The hybrid greenhouse has the wall structure of a industrialized warehouse with the glass roof of a more recognizable greenhouse.

With a hybrid greenhouse, you get the natural characteristics of outdoor growing and the total ability to control your growing environment that you get with indoor grow rooms. Because of the greenhouse roof, the hybrid greenhouse receives the full spectrum of free sunlight found in other greenhouse designs.

While indoor growing allows you to produce cannabis throughout the year and in every season, the energy used for lighting and ventilation can be very costly. Hybrid greenhouse design is actually very energy efficient and eco-friendly. It uses sunlight and provides good air circulation and humidity control, which can be challenging for indoor growers, industrialized warehouse and plant factories.

Groundbreaking GrowFloor® Greenhouse Flooring
Better Life Technology introduced its next generation GrowFloor® greenhouse and grow room flooring in 2017. With many of the same redeeming growing enhancements brought to the cannabis market by hybrid greenhouse design, GrowFloor helps cannabis producers grow a cleaner, greener, more bountiful harvest.

GrowFloor is the ultimate indoor solution designed for a multitude of growing uses:

  • Hybrid greenhouses
  • Industrial cannabis warehouses
  • Plant factories
  • Growrooms of all sizes
  • Individual gardeners and residential greenhouses
  • Traditional indoor farmers
  • Organic growers
  • Those utilizing hydroponic, aquaponic, or aeroponic methods

Manufactured in the USA, GrowFloor is specially-engineered of 0.075” (1.9 mm) thick premium polyvinyl with a white, textured, high-gloss coating helping you detect bugs, debris and other harmful contaminants. GrowFloor® is a cost-effective way to grow more with less time and money and provides additional benefits not otherwise found in traditional greenhouse flooring:

  • Durable, long lasting
  • Protects floors from deterioration
  • Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, water-, mold and mildew-resistant
  • Creates a sterile, air-tight, lab-like environment
  • Resists abrasions, scratches and tears
  • Easy roll-out installation
  • Cleans with a sprayer/hose or household and vinyl-safe garden cleaners
  • Slip resistant
  • Anti-fatigue padding
  • Repositionable, reusable, recyclable

Better Life Technology recently announced its GrowFloor companion product, GrowWall™, to cover greenhouse and grow room walls. In addition to the many benefits of GrowFloor, GrowWall also helps repel UV rays, cut down on glare and hot spots, and reflect light evenly throughout your growing space. Compared to other greenhouse coverings, GrowWall increases lighting efficiency by 400%, insulates and helps reduce cooling costs.



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