Happy National Gardening Day on April 14th!

Happy National Gardening Day on April 14th!

It’s not a huge surprise that the entire month of April is deemed National Gardening Month. But did you know that accomplished gardeners and novice growers have a special day all their own? It’s Sunday, April 14th and it is duly named National Gardening Day!

National Gardening Day was founded to celebrate outdoor and indoor gardening and to encourage home gardeners to learn more about growing indoors and out. Whether you want to grow vegetables, fruit, flowers, houseplants or anything else requiring seeds, dirt, water and a little TLC, National Gardening Day is your day to kick-off the growing season.

Here are a few fun ways to observe National Gardening Day:

  • Pick up a new book or resource guide on outdoor/indoor growing from your local bookstore or library.
  • Sign up for a gardening course near you.
  • Learn all you can about organic growing.
  • Investigate hydroponic gardening, aquaponic gardening and aeroponic growing methods.
  • Join an indoor gardening club (or start one of your own).
  • Take an outdoor garden tour.
  • Organize a seed and/or perennial plant swap between friends and neighbors.
  • Visit a nursery or garden center to pick out your seeds, plants, containers and accessories for your gardening season.
  • Begin setting up a home greenhouse or indoor grow room.  

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